Mellow Melodies

O'Farrells Welcome to Limerick, Slip Jig (2:59)
Gleanntain Ghlas Ghaoth Dobhair/The Blackbird, Air, Slow Reel (3:47)
Paris Nights (2:31) by Cal Scott, Waltz
Carolan's Draught, Air (2:40)
Waters of the Tyne, Air (1:18), arr. Martin Simpson, recorded in 1998
Cailin Na Gruaige Doinne (Girl with the Brown Hair), Air (2:13)
Eleanor Plunkett/George Brabazon, Planxty (2:32)
Princess Royal, Planxty (2:32)

Traditional Irish Dance Tunes

Fr. Kelly's/Tom Doherty's, Reels (3:05)
Galway/Chief O'Neill's Favorite, Hornpipes (4:00)
Hills of Coore/Stack of Rye by Junior Crehan, Hornpipes (3:48)
My Love is in America/Farewell to Erin, Reels (4:11)
Bunker Hill, Reel (2:33)
Langstrom's Pony, Jig (2:20)
Lackagh Cross/Din Tarrant's #3, Polkas (1:55)
After the Battle of Aughrim/Napoleon Crossing the Alps, Marches (2:55)

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